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Long Sleeve Set in Tokitae (FINAL SALE: see disclosure)

Long Sleeve Set in Tokitae (FINAL SALE: see disclosure)

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Full Disclosure:

The Tokitae collection has been deemed defective. After thoroughly looking over several pairs of these jammies, we have determined that some of them have been sewn with the wrong machine settings and may come apart after some wear from the natural tugging and twisting movements of the body. Some of them have been found to be unaffected and unfortunately there is no way to predetermine which ones will be affected.

At this time, I would like to offer them as is at a $15 CAD, final sale.

This collection is made in memory of Tokitae (Lolita) the Orca, and will spread awareness of her story, and others like her. The print features the iconic Little Ridley signature mom and baby, and may symbolize Tokitae and her mother in the wild before she was taken. The print also features an additional adult Orca as well as an ice berg found in the natural habitat, with several penguins, where Orcas are meant to be!


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